As Founder Director of Biolatris Ltd. Cathy brings more than 20 years’ experience in research, management, and business in the life science and venture capital sectors. Over this time she has developed an extensive network of national and international contacts in the public, private and academic sectors and has become an acknowledged opinion leader in the stem cell and regenerative medicine sectors.

Cathy has undertaken due diligence for  many clients, including investors, academics, SMEs and government agencies in the UK and overseas. Services include undertaking  due diligence to support an investment or licensing opportunity for a biotechnology-based product or service. Due diligence may include an assessment of the data package required to trigger a key decision, clarification of the unique selling proposition, competitive market positioning, the commercial strategy and business planning.

Cathy has also worked with and built-up a network of contacts with the re/insurance industry: on behalf of a third party and working closely with a leading global insurance broker, she has been intimately involved in the claims risk analysis and pricing structure for an innovate insurance product successfully underwritten by Lloyds of London. Cathy also established the ‘Quartet Consortium’ that brought together senior members of the leading global reinsurance industry to evaluate the potential impact of regenerative medicines on the protection industry.

Cathy is a Non-Executive Director to Videregen Ltd, a member of the TrakCel Ltd Advisory Board, member of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA) Life Sciences Advisory Board, mentor to the Ignite Summer Business School programme (Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Cambridge University), Senior Associate for the Masters in Bioscience (Cambridge University) and Visiting Professor at Kings College, London. She has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and is co-editor of the book ‘The Delivery of Regenerative Medicines and Impact on Healthcare’ (CRC Press).


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Dr Cathy Prescott

Andrew has more than 25 years’ information technology experience. His technical background is in distributed information systems, but he also has unparalleled expertise in the creation of international standards for modelling business and IT systems, including extensive work with ISO and other international standards.


Andrew Watson

Biolatris has built up an extensive network of contacts and associates that extend our service offering when additional skills and resources are required to meet client needs.

CAB Ltd is a specialist consultancy offering regulatory advice to the regenerative medicine industry.  Unlike conventional medicines these products require a high level of scientific expertise in addition to a clear understanding of the regulatory framework in order to think later.

At lets cell we specialise in the development of web portals for the life sciences sector. Our first portal - the UK BioPharma Market - enables you to access products, services and information about the British biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry at the push of a button including news, jobs, events, lab space, drug discovery services, pipelines, tutorials and business services.