At Biolatris we have a unique set of skills and direct industry experience from venture capitalism to biotechnology start-ups and large corporations, enabling us to help our clients in both the private and public sectors.  Our strategic partnerships provide additional capability and expertise in the regulatory, patent and health economic specialisms.

We help our clients win business, strengthening their market position to stay ahead of the competition by focussing not just on the market needs of today, but also emerging demands and opportunities of the future.

With our impressive connections and expertise, at Biolatris, we provide:

  1. Market analysis

  2. Technical due diligence

  3. Business planning and fund raising

  4. Commercial strategy

  5. Interim management

  6. Bespoke training

  7. Regulatory advice (partnered)

  8. Patent due diligence (partnered)

  9. Health economics (partnered)

As well as consultancy services, we provide interim management to support executive teams during periods of change. We also provide experienced independent non-executive directors and advisory board members.

Everything we do is underpinned by:

  1. Scientific & technical excellence

  2. Commercial expertise

  3. Sharp business acumen

  4. Meticulous attention to detail

  5. Extensive network of expert contacts

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Where there is opportunity there is also potential risk. Understanding and managing risk is fundamental to any business and investment decision. At Biolatris we provide technical and commercial due diligence of innovative products, pipelines, platforms, or services.  We help identify what evidence is needed to add value to support commercial milestones and align technical and commercial strategies. This includes:

  1. In-depth market and competitor analysis

  2. Technical data-package requirements

  3. Strategic market proposition

  4. Commercial strategy

  5. Intellectual property assessment (partnered)

  6. Regulatory assessment (partnered)

  7. Business development

Business development is about increasing potential return on your company investments. At Biolatris we independently review and evaluate market opportunities on behalf of our clients to ensure they are properly positioned to successfully move forward and grow.

We strategically plan with our clients every step of the way throughout the business development process: from identifying suitable opportunities through to outline deal structures and valuations, to developing marketing campaigns and materials. If required Biolatris can also represent clients at partnership meetings.

Without investment many good ideas may never leave the lab, but at Biolatris, we understand how investors think and the key drivers to securing financial support.

We constantly track and analyse investment trends across the biotech and regenerative medicine sectors and monitor muliple funding sources to ensure our advice is always up to date.

Our team includes a former investment director with seven years’ experience within the venture capital industry. Our expertise means clients benefit from a wealth of practical experience and contacts to support management teams in developing, writing, and presenting a business plan to attract investment.